Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Nigritude Ultramarine Contest - The Purpose

The purpose of the challenge is a mystery... But the purpose of this blog is clear:

1. Support Philipp Lenssen's Nigritude Ultramarine Entry (Lots of Google Related Info)
2. Whenever possible, say something bad about Mr. Anil Dash (shameless keyword stuffer)
3. Promote my own blog with in-depth analysis of Nigritude Ultramarine SEO Challenge
4. Have fun with Nigritude Ultramarine Contest a.k.a. Nigritude Ultramarine SEO Game™

Sunday, June 27, 2004

SEO Challenge, Contest, Blog...

When the fortress walls are too high for a surprise attack you start building your bases around it, selecting the best strategical locations for them...

In the case of nigritude ultramarine seo challenge it is extremely hard to target your contest entry for Nigritude Ultramarine phrase, while it is relatively easy to achieve good rankings for the most relevant related keywords: SEO, Challenge, Contest, Blog. Some less obvious: SEO Strategy, Keyword(s), origins, blogger. And a few completely accidental: User, Profile, Engineer, ...

The third type is particularly interesting as it lets everyone pick a niche word, SEO their sites for it and then brag to their friends that they are #1 for that keyword combination. This is a great way to release challenge related stress and reenforse your selfesteem after finishing around #500 in the first round.

Nigritude Ultramarine#108490,000
Nigritude Ultramarine SEO#2206,000#1 is SearchGuild
Nigritude Ultramarine Contest#1095,600
Nigritude Ultramarine Challenge#516,800#1 is my blog
Nigritude Ultramarine Blog#763,800
Nigritude Ultramarine Origins#122,700
Nigritude Ultramarine Keywords#461,900
Nigritude Ultramarine SEO Strategy#121,100
Nigritude Ultramarine SEO Contest#215,100#1 is SearchGuild
Nigritude Ultramarine SEO Challenge#29,170#1 is SearchGuild

Is it of any use for this SEO challenge? I don't know, but it certaily makes you feel good...

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Nigritude Ultramarine Experiment Update

Some people have scientific mind. Whatever they do they approach it in terms of a properly conducted experiment.

Unlike my he-he ha-ha attitude on the subject of Physics of Nigritude Ultramarine in the blogger universe, Michael Lauher has adapted a strict protocol for conducting Nigritude Ultramarine Experiment.

I wish I setup a control site and recorded all my nigritude ultramarine rankings from the day one...

But, on the other hand, if it is true that Google is implementing something like this Pagerank Alternative, then - who cares?

Random nigritude ultramarine rulez in the random nigritude ultramarine context!

Yahoo, Hotmail, and Ask Jeeves vs GMAIL

Major e-mail providers are increasing their mailbox sizes by almost a factor of 100 to compete with Google. Still with their offers of ~100Mb for free users they all fall short to match Gmail's 1GB offer.

In addition to getting into e-mail business, Google is forcing its competitors to spent more money on hardware and get less from the potential premium account subsribers.

Apparently Google is triyng to pull its competitors into the battlespace where it has total dominance in all large scale hardware experience, user appeal and interface design, and cheaper costs per GB.

This looks just like the Arm Race during the Cold War. United States were able to drag Soviet Union into the financial battlespace, where they were superior. This eventually lead to fall of the USSR as we knew it under the unberable military spengings.

But there is one thing that makes it even more funny: Google has limited number of Gmail users (=total required disk space) while its competitors have to provide bigger storage for the existing huge user base.

If Google keeps GMail user population limited for another year, while Hotmail and Yahoo servers will get filled to a 100% with the spam, then... Oh well, Microsoft, has way too mach money to follow the path of the Soviet Union...

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Index Update & Nigritude Ultramarine

Google SERPs for Nigritude Ultramarine are up and down, up and down... When I hit refresh button some of the sites change their place by as much as 10 positions. This happens every day in the evenings when Google updates thousands of their servers with a new index. For several hours when you run a search you play a lottery as it may endup on server with either the old or a new index.

I would never complain, understanding how much efforts it takes for Google to update tens of thousands of servers in just a few hours. However, there is one thing which looks like a serious flaw in the system and dynamic nature of nigritude ultramarine results, which change daily, only underscores that.

The problem is that when you go from one result page to another you never guaranteed to see continuous results. Rather you see a piece from yesterday SERPs, then a couple of today's SERPs, then yesterday's again. This leads to some sites to be missing from your session and other sites appearing twice. It looks like Google never anticipated potential problem between nondeterministic ballance loading and nonuniform index across the servers in a datacenter.

Just a year ago when they were doing daily index updates, results would change almost instanteneously for the entite datacenter (Google has at least 12 of them around the world). They would update three datacenters at a time in an half-hour increments. They also would use DNS to redirect all traffic away from updating datacenters about 15 minutes before the update and return it (based on the user locality) 15 minutes after update. This gave a very high chance that any reasonable user session would get consitent SERPs.

My theory is that they used to have enough disk space on the servers to keep both yesterday's and today's indices at the same time and after propagating the indices for a few hours it would take them only one simple command brodcast to switch entire datacenter to a new index. Apparently, now they use asynchronous index update. Possible explanations for that could be:

1. Server disks could no longer hold two indices at the same time.
2. They no longer broadcast index syncroneously (if they ever did).
3. They no longer have a single index (then why same query is dancing?)
4. They still have single master index, they broadcast it, but inependently over multiple network segmentes.
5. They intentionally try to confuse us, Nigritude Ultramarine SEO folks.

Anyone has any ideas?

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Nigritude Ultramarine Toolbar PR

Google has Updates it Toolbar PR and PageRank!!!
It is, probably, at least a weak or even two old but still exciting. Steven will update his excellent Nigritude Ultramarine [FAQ] soon, but just by glancing at top results we could see:

#1Anil Dash34 !?
#8IMR77,930 !
#10SEO Dream Team77,080

My nigritude ultramarine profile #116 with PR=5 and 22 backlinks.
My nigritude ultramarine [challenge] blog #130+ PR=5 and this nigritude ultramarine [contest] blog #140+ PR=4.

Any lessons learned? Don't link with variations like "top nigritude ultramarine" or "high-quality nigritude ultramarine" like IMRers. Always link to the target site with the exact target phrase: nigritude ultramarine! Somebody else will, probably, link to you with something else so Google wouldn't think you are spamming.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Nigritude Ultramarine Theories

Here is another great nigritude ultramarine blog with very good writeup about Google SEO. I find his spirit for testing very close to mine, so I will keep linking to his main blog and a couple of test blogs: nigritude ultramarine 7, nigritude ultramarine 8, nigritude ultramarine 9 to help with the testing.

I also just though of another theory: Google needs to mine for some clues of intelligence from your pages. So it looks at your outgoing links to judge both linked-to sites and your site. Indeed, one can learn a lot about you by seeing to whom you link. The problem with this is that sometimes you link to good sites and sometimes you link to bad sites.

My theory is that it might help to use simple qualifying words like "good" or "bad" when linking. Maybe Google algorithm looks for them. Excellent Nigritude Ultramarine SEO!

Nigritude Ultramarine Grows Up!

Looks like Nigritude Ultramarine SEO Challenge have passed the rapid growth stage of the early childhood and entered stages of the quality vs quantity advances.

The number of pages returned by google has stabilised around 500k as the quality of the top 10 results has improved significantly! Both by means of better nigritude ultramarine content sites moving up and strong nigritude ultramarine seo'd sites getting a better content.

One of the few of the nigritude ultramarine sites from the first page, which is not 100% nigritude ultramarine - Philipp's blog - is still very strong. He is doing very well job by ballancing his real life and useful content with competing in this SEO Challenge.

Nigritude Ultramarine FAQ in Top 10!

I am happy to see that the site with excellent nigritude ultramarine information is in Top 10 []!

Nigritude Ultramarine [FAQ] by R. Steven Rainwater kept jumping today between page 1 and page 2 of SERPs.

If anyone noticed Top 10 Nigritude Ultramarine results moved overtime from being just spammy pages with heavy linkwork to a combination of strong SEO with thoughtful and informative content.

In the first round the kids from mekey nigritude ultramarine [] won a well deserved victory for their unparallel energy! That happened in the, somewhat, isolated internet subspace.

Now when Nigritude Ultramarine grow its links to a wider space on the internet contenstants will need to combine their pure technical SEO skills with wider spectrum of technics both to appeal to wider audience and to sucessfully compete with other sites who fight their way to the top.

Nigritude Ultramarine on BlogSpot

The prime Nigritude Ultramarine spot on BlogSpot has recently changed the owner.

New blogger is a Nigritude Ultramarine SEO Challenge contestant from UK with this Nigritude Ultramarine Wizard site.

Good luck!

Interestingly enough, my BlogSpot SEO Challenge profile is #1 Nigritude Ultramarine site on blogger!

Nigritude Ultramarine Challenge and BlogSpot

Blogger has technical difficulties again! [Status.Blogger.Com]

From the very beginning of this nigritude ultramarine seo event I had a notion that the real challenge will be for BlogSpot system engineers to keep all this nigritude ultramarine on blogspot servers.

Since nigritude ultramarine seo challenge started Blogger has got tremendeous amount of the new blogs. No wonder that BlogSpot Servers are struggling under this load. But, hey, with all the pages pointing back to Blogger I wouldn't be surprised to see them getting Toolbar PR10. It, certainly, worth it!

Friday, June 18, 2004

Google SEO for Real Engineers

Are you an engineer? Are you a real engineer?

Then this guide is for you: Nigritude Ultramarine Challenge: Google SEO for Real Engineers

Also, don't forget to visit the official BlogSpot SEO Challenge blog!